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Andreessen's Loudcloud details new portal

The company, led by Netscape Communications founder Marc Andreessen, announces a new Web portal site offering network management information to customers.

Loudcloud, led by Netscape Communications founder Marc Andreessen, today announced a new Web portal site offering network management information to its customers.

As previously reported, the new Web site, MyLoudcloud, will serve as a clearinghouse of Internet traffic and network-equipment-performance statistics and monitoring metrics, giving Loudcloud's customers a wealth of information about their Web sites. MyLoudcloud will be available to all customers.

Loudcloud allows companies to outsource their Web hosting and information technology staff. The company provides outsourcing services that include the use of Web server computers, e-commerce software, communications equipment and network capacity on a monthly basis. Loudcloud also sets up and manages these so-called Smart Cloud services.

Until recently, many Web hosting firms only offered their customers weekly Web traffic data reports or a toll-free phone number to check the statistics when needed.

Loudcloud, which was founded late last year, hopes the network and Internet traffic reports will differentiate it from a crowded field of established Web hosting companies that include Exodus Communications, GlobalCenter and AboveNet, among others.

"You outsource something and then suddenly you have no access to the information," said Scott Dunlap, Loudcloud's vice president of product

CNET TV: Marc Andreessen
CNET TV: Marc Andreessen

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management. "Now you can slice and dice historical data, Web trends and network device performance."

In addition, executives expect to eventually offer additional services via the MyLoudcloud portal. Within roughly a month, Loudcloud will enable customers to order additional bandwidth or more Web server capacity, for example, via the Web, Dunlap said.

Executives expect the portal ultimately will allow the company to sell new products and services, such as e-commerce software or security tools.