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NBA stars Iguodala and Curry to co-host players tech summit

Golden State Warriors stars to team up for thee-day event connecting pro athletes with Silicon Valley tech companies for possible ventures.

2016 NBA Finals - Game Four

Golden State Warriors stars and tech investors Stephen Curry (left) and Andre Iguodala are teaming up to help fellow athletes learn about Silicon Valley.

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Golden State Warriors stars Andre Iguodala and Stephen Curry are primed to share secrets on how they're disrupting Silicon Valley. 

The NBA champion teammates and emerging venture capitalists are teaming up to co-hosting a Players Technology Summit in San Francisco in August. The networking event for current and former pro athletes and tech execs presented by Bloomberg Media will be held on August 14-16 in San Francisco. 

"I've been fortunate to learn from some of the best in the tech and venture capital business and have put those learnings to work," Iguodala said in a statement Monday. "The Players Technology Summit is about sharing those learnings and relationships and building a lasting impact." 

The announcement by the two budding tech investors comes as Iguodala and Curry teamed up last week to lead the Warriors to its second NBA title in three years. Meanwhile, the teammates have been spending their offseason and spare time trying to make their mark in Silicon Valley with their budding portfolios. 

Iguodala has immersed himself in the tech scene since joining the Warriors four seasons ago. He has invested in about 15 companies in three years, including Bevel, a popular shaving kit catering to African-American men created by health and beauty startup Walker & Company Brands, along with his business partner, Rudy Cline Thomas. 

Iguodala and Cline Thomas created the National Basketball Players Association's inaugural tech summit, which brought together 30 current and former NBA players to network with key tech execs in San Francisco for three days last July. Iguodala leveraged his role as a vice president for the players' union to get it done.

Meanwhile, Curry is becoming a commodity in the Valley as well, investing in an online coaching service, an app and a social media platform, among others. He said in a written statement Monday that playing in Silicon Valley has exposed him to information, contacts and resources in the tech community. Now, he's willing to share with others during next month's summit.  

"Whether you're thinking about your first move into entrepreneurship or investing, or perhaps already a veteran in the space, it's about surrounding yourself with the right team and putting in the work to always be improving as a professional," he said.

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