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'And to your left, the Stephen Colbert Bridge...'

Earlier this month, CNET's Missing Links blog brought you coverage of a particularly forward-thinking endeavor on the part of Hungary's Economy Ministry: to determine the name for a new bridge slated to be built over the Danube River. Problem is, word got out over the Internet, and the early front-runner was "Walker: Texas Ranger" star Chuck Norris. (A commenter suggested that perhaps the bridge's inscription should be "Chuck Norris does not build bridges, he leaps.")

Well, the Hungarian government probably no longer has to worry about the implications of naming a bridge after Mr. Norris, because he's fallen badly behind in the polls. But on the flip side, the new front-runner is Comedy Central talk-show host and Stephen Colbert, who spent a segment of his late-night program, "The Colbert Report," explaining to viewers how to vote for him. With a whopping 30 percent of the tally (that's more than 6 million votes), Mr. Colbert is clearly in the lead.

Travel guide authors might want to brush up on their knowledge of "truthiness."

If you want to show your support for Chuck Norris or Stephen Colbert (or a legitimate Hungarian challenger, perhaps?), or demonstrate some "Snakes on a Plane" fan spirit by suggesting that the bridge be named after Samuel L. Jackson, you can vote here until September 8th.