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And the Eee PC hits just keep comin'...

Asus will release a total of 23 models of its popular Eee PC Netbook series.

Sorry, there's no food on this pyramid. Engadget

Are you a travel explorer, an editor, or student? Then does ASUS have the Eee PC for you! According to this slide image taken by Engadget Chinese, it looks like ASUS will soon have a total of 23 differently configured models of the widely known Eee PC Netbook series--this includes previously released models, as well as "coming soon," and "who knows when."

The pyramid is sectioned off into three groupings of Eee models and what type of user those models would be targeted to. Apparently for the Elite user (whatever that means) there's the high-end Ultimate model where the only features listed are that it is "exquisite" and "extremely slim and light." So, no clues there as to what the configuration on those would be, pricing, or when they'll become available. Although, if we haven't learned by now how quickly ASUS cranks these little buggers out, I'm sure they'll be coming down the pike soon enough.