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And exhale...

CBS CMO George Schweitzer discusses the results of the fall television season launch after two weeks into the new schedule.

As chronicled on this hallowed digital space, from May to September we logged hundreds of hours in conference rooms, editing stations, on planes, in massive crowds of costumed revelers, on football fields, and on the sandy beaches of tropical islands--all in the name of the fall television season launch.

Together with our marketing and creative teams on both the East and West coasts, we brainstormed, we listened, we tweaked, we went broad, and we went viral. We dominated traditional media and new media. We even prototyped a V.I.P (Video-In-Pineapple). All in the name of show promotion.

And when CBS's fall schedule debuted, America planted itself on the couch and cast its vote via remote control. Unlike the days when the overnight ratings told the whole story, tabulating results today takes a bit more patience. With DVR penetration up to 38 percent (compared with 33 percent last fall, according to Nielsen), a significant amount of viewing occurs after the live broadcast. Our total eyeball count enjoys a nice lift with the addition of playback results.

With every contingency factored in, the outcome is clear: CBS has emerged as the fall launch ratings winner. For the first time since 1987 when people meters were introduced, we've led the first two consecutive weeks of the season in viewers, households, and adults 18-49 and 25-54. Yes, it's a twofer. Outcomes like these don't come easy; they come when a team of dedicated, driven, and talented professionals push up their sleeves and do what they love to do: work together to make and market great television.

And the good news for TV lovers everywhere: we're only two weeks in with a whole year left to go. So, as always, thanks for watching and stay tuned!