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Ancient d20 die now available in 3D-printed form

A famous Ptolemaic Period 20-sided die is now available to the masses as a 3D-printed reproduction.

Ancient die and 3D rendering
Can you tell which is which? Metropolitan Museum of Art/Cornerstone Gaming

When we first looked into the ancient d20 die from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it spurred a lot of geeky excitement. The only thing that might have been more fun would have been uncovering an ancient Egyptian Atari cartridge.

Readers quickly chimed in about getting a replica made. There were pleas for ThinkGeek to get busy on it, or for someone with Autodesk and a 3D printer to tackle the project. Cornerstone Gaming on Shapeways has officially made it across the 3D-printed-ancient-die finish line.

The Replica Egyptian 20-Sided Die starts at $16.99 for a sandstone finish. If you want to be much less historically accurate, you could spring for $124.99 to get it in a glossy gold finish or $305.99 to get it done in sterling silver, which would make an awesome "rock" for a geeky history-loving gamer engagement ring.

Since most of us aren't likely to ever get our hands on a real Ptolemaic Period die carved out of serpentine, a 3D-printed replica is the next best thing. Plus, you could order multiples and declare your ownership of a set of icosahedra dice with Greek letters.

It may take a little longer to sort out your tabletop gaming results, but it would be a nifty addition to an Egypt-themed Dungeons & Dragons module. Sweet, I rolled a Kappa!