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Tech Industry

Analyst roundup: CS First Boston says "buy" AOL

Analysts give AOL a "buy" and Wonderware a "hold" once again.

CS First Boston gives AOL a "buy"

America Online (AOL) coverage was picked up by CS First Boston analyst Alan Braverman, who initiated with a "buy" recommendation.

AOL's stock crawled up 2-1/2, almost 7 percent, to 39-5/8.

Brayerman said that he has an 18-month price target of $55 a share. "Over the long term, I am very encouraged," he said, though he expects the next three to four months to be a "bumpy road" for the company.

AOL is due to report on Thursday for the second fiscal quarter. He expects AOL to report a loss of 60 cents a share, before an extraordinary charge of about $75 million.

Dain Bosworth reiterates "hold" for Wonderware

Wonderware (WNDR) saw Dain Bosworth of Minneapolis, Minnesota, repeat its "hold" rating, due to moderate revenue growth, emphasis on product development, and continued operating losses for its fourth quarter.

Reuters contributed to this report