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Analyst: 3.3 million RIM PlayBooks by Feb. 2012?

As expectations steadily rise for the tablet, analysts start taking stabs at estimating sales.

RIM's PlayBook RIM

Research In Motion's PlayBook is garnering some enterprise and analyst attention as expectations steadily rise for the tablet.

Never mind that few folks have really played with the tablet, analysts have to model something for their spreadsheets and projections. Oppenheimer analyst Ittai Kidron was among the first to take a stab at estimating PlayBook sales.

In a nutshell, Kidron said:

• RIM will sell 100,000 PlayBook units in the fiscal fourth quarter ending February 28.

• For fiscal 2012--a year from February--RIM will have sold 3.2 million units at an average selling price of $540.

• Add it up and you'll have 3.3 million PlayBook units in the market.

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