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An oven with some lift

The Lift Oven, from Gaggenau, solves the problem of keeping hot air in your oven.

The Lift Oven Gaggenau

When you're baking, the time your recipe has to stay in the oven can vary incredibly from what the cookbook says. That's due, in part, to the fact that whenever you open the oven door, heat escapes. Gaggenau has come up with a unique approach to the problem: because hot air rises, the Lift Oven opens in such a way that all the hot air stays inside the oven. Rather than have a door that opens on the front of the oven, the base of the Lift Oven lowers to let you access whatever you're cooking, leaving all the hot air above in the oven. It raises back up again to close--for either direction, you only need to push a button.

The Lift Oven can also eliminate the need to bend down to reach into a hot oven. If you choose to mount the oven above your counter, the lift can easily lower to your level, making putting in pans much easier. The base of the oven is a glass-ceramic surface, letting you cook directly on it without a baking sheet. The only major drawback to Gaggenau's new oven is that it measures 24 inches, smaller than most other ovens on the market.