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An oven-opening option

You may be accustomed to your oven door opening downwards, but Fagor wants you to consider opening it to the side.

The side-opening oven Fagor

In my first apartment, the kitchen was tiny. Because of the way the cabinets were constructed, I literally could not open the oven all the way: if I pulled the door down most of the way, it ran into the cabinet's hinge. I remember thinking that if the oven opened in the same direction as the cabinet--if I could pull the door out from the side, rather than down from the top--I wouldn't be having this problem.

Apparently Fagor was listening (to my thoughts). They've just come out with two versions of a side-opening oven, one for right-handed people and one for lefties. This 24-inch oven allows easier access, without major changes to the operation of the oven. It's a convection oven with all the standard features--illuminated controls, a child safety lock, and so on. It is made for use in a wall mount;the way the door is hinged makes a stand-alone unit impractical.

I think that a side-opening door makes a lot of sense for cooking. I've bumped into more hot oven doors than I care to count, as I've tried to reach for some pan or other. At the very least, Fagor's new set-up should solve that problem, as well as provide an oven option for tight kitchens.