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An MP3 player you're supposed to leave in the sun

Singapore company to show a solar-powered portable music player at upcoming Hong Kong electronics fair.

Shiro solar powered MP3 player

With everything going green these days, Shiro is determined not to be left behind and has in the pipeline a solar-powered media player.

Yes, a portable media player that can be juiced up by leaving it in the sun. The Singapore-based company will be showcasing its Shiro SQ player at the upcoming Hong Kong Electronics Fair Autumn Edition.

Most of the SQ's specifications are nothing to shout about, including a 1.8-inch color display, FM tuner, and up to 16GB of memory. Its main selling point is the solar panel found on the back which fully charges the device in four hours when in the sun. If the day is overcast, you can still power up the SQ through more regular means using a USB cable. We currently do not have a price for this piece of gear, but certainly more information will be forthcoming after its official unveiling at the fair in Hong Kong.

(Via Crave Asia.)