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An MP3 player that does facials

'MPION' claims to use negative ions to cleanse pores


We at Crave love our jobs (sometimes), but we're also driven by the entrepreneurial spirit that is the soul of consumer technology. So we may have to give up our day job to pursue this brilliant business concept: the computer spa.

Not just a manicure salon with a few PCs scattered around, mind you; we're talking about a computer system that actually provides the services itself. We already have a mouse that massages, after all, and now there's an MP3 player on the Japanese market that gives facials. The latter, called the "MPION," claims to use negative ions to cleanse your delicate pores. It has only 128MB of storage, but that's more than enough time for the usual treatment.

We're guessing that either Brando or Genius will come up with the first keyboard that does manicures. But they'd better hurry: The competition is heating up.