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An LCD weather station that can save stitches

Not only is it simple to use, but it can be a safety device as well.


Years ago we purchased a rare early version of one of those personal weather stations that are everywhere these days, and it failed miserably. Or, more accurately, we failed miserably; we could never get it to work properly and, even when it did, we couldn't figure out how to read it. So even though their more recent design efforts are much appreciated, we still fear that they'll be too complicated for our woefully limited technical comprehension.

Enter La Crosse Technology and its $15 LCD Window Thermometer. Not only does it claim to be simple to use, according to GadgetGrid, but it's also easy to read--nothing fancy here, just the facts. And if it's mounted on a glass door, it can also keep you from accidentally bumping your head on those rare occasions when it's clean enough to see through.