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An LCD TV that should be invited to parties

But 'Bordeaux' doesn't taste like wine

Crave UK

If you want a new television and have some money left over after the government has finished taxing you, may we suggest a shiny new model from Samsung? The LE46M87 is from a range it ambiguously calls "Bordeaux." We've licked it, and it doesn't taste anything like wine. If anything, it was a little salty.

The M87 TVs are really rather lovely. Finished in the usual Samsung piano-black finish and some fancy rounded edges, it will call you to touch it--something you should resist, because you'll leave nasty fingerprints all over it.

We're also amazed Samsung has managed to hide the speakers on this TV too--they're nowhere to be seen. While this is awesome from a design point of view, we can't help wonder what the sound quality will be like.

The M87 range has a whole host of magnificent features to go with the good looks. There's a trio of HDMI sockets, two at the back and one at the side, along with S-Video and composite connections for hooking up a camcorder, or possibly a retro pre-high-definition console.

There's also a gaming mode, which Samsung has worked with Microsoft to develop. The aim is to provide glorious-looking gameplay, without any of the nasty motion blur that can affect some LCD screens.

We're also pleased to see Samsung has included built-in digital receivers in this range. We were annoyed that its previous range didn't allow you to pick up Freeview, which was a colossal mistake, given how ropey analogue looks on big screens. Still, we're always thrilled when manufacturers see the light and add a much-requested feature. Three cheers for Sammy.

If our craving has left you with a desire to learn more about the LE46M87, don't worry--we'll have a full review of it very soon.

(Source: Crave UK)