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An iPod Nano in every color

An iPod Nano in every color

If you thought the Apple iPod Nano came in only black and white, think again. Colorware, a Web site that has long offered coloring service for Apple products and a selection of gaming consoles, recently proclaimed that it will offer this service for the iPod Nano. Considering the Nano replaces the iPod Mini, which came in a selection of colors, I think that this is just fabulous. The ultrathin Nanos look particularly hot sheathed in the various matte and metallic colors that Colorware offers. You can even get the Nano and other iPod variations outfitted in two different colors: one for the Click Wheel and one for the rest of the body. If you haven't bought your Nano yet but know that you want one, consider buying it direct from Colorware. It's cheaper to do that than to buy it separately, then send it in to get colored. (See Eliot Van Buskirk's MP3 Insider column, "Color me iPod," for a detailed account of his experience getting his full-size iPod colored.) What's your favorite color or color combo? Comment below!