An iPod case that winks at you

Tech Culture

With all the iPod cases on the market, it's getting harder and harder to create a case that's truly unique. Zofunk Products out of Seattle differentiated itself by creating a sleek little case called Winks.

Credit: Zofunk

Warning: This case is not for the paranoid! The Winks cases sport an oval design, making it look like the iPod click button is an eyeball staring back at you. Maybe it really is watching you...

The Winks cases are designed only for Nanos, but there is a another line of cases, called Zen, for the iPod video. The Winks come in three series: original (white), brown and black. Each series has six different designs with a different color iris.

The cases include an optional screen protector. A flip-open dock connector cover protects the sync port while not in use. Also, the case is only 1 mm thick, so it does not have to be removed before placing it in a docking cradle. The cases retail for $24.95.

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