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An iPhone app for clumsy foodies

Clorox's MyStain iPhone app may be a marketing ploy, but at least it's a useful one.

Let's say for a moment you were curious about the type of person I am. You ask around, talk to my friends, my family, even my colleagues. You notice that the word "graceful" never comes up, and that it is because that is one thing I patently am not. On the contrary, I am a huge klutz, an utter walking disaster, one might say.

I am constantly dropping things, tripping over 1.76mm rises in the sidewalk, and running into anything with sharp corners (for this reason, I am grateful I live in a climate that pretty much always necessitates tights or pants). Most of all, I absolutely LOVE to spill things on myself. Usually purplish-red oily things--you know, the stuff that never comes out.

So when I received a pitch about Clorox's MyStain iPhone app, I didn't immediately send it to the trash with all the other obvious marketing scheme app pitches. Now, here is something I could actually use. And I mean for a real purpose, not just some fun music and games apps to pass the time (although naturally, I enjoy my fair share of those).

MyStain offers both on-the-go and in-the-home stain removal tips for a variety of substances. In particular, the former could come in handy for those who are OCD about cleanliness and find themselves out and about with a fresh stain, as it's generally worse to treat it improperly initially than just let it be until you can get home and apply the proper arsenal of knowledge and substances. The app also has a cute "Take a Spin" feature (illustrated below) thrown in just for fun.

Sadly, I was unable to take the Clorox MyStain app for a spin, as it were. The app crashed on my iPod Touch after two installs. Also, I was disappointed to read in other users' reviews that the mothers of all stains--oil and red wine--are apparently not listed. Ah well, perhaps an update will address both issues. In the meantime, it's free, so you'll get no complaints from me. It's definitely worth checking out if you're a clumsy eater.