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An introduction

The Macalope is pleased to make your acquaintance.

Greetings! And welcome to the Macalope on CNET!

If you're wondering what the Macalope (pronounced "Mac-ah-lope") is all about, take a look at the sidebar and if you need some background on his more famous cousins, the jackalopes, you can avail yourself of this Wikipedia entry.

Now, the be-horned one realizes some of you may be rolling your eyes -- such as you Robert McCardle of South Bend, Indiana -- and thinking "Oh, great. Just what the Internet needs, another Mac user gone around the bend. 'The Macalope'? Puh-leez."

Fair enough. The Macalope's suffered this kind of bigotry before. He lived through the mid-1990s and suffered the poisonous barbs of countless effete dilettantes of technology.

But consider this. Is a pundit whose biases you can tell simply by looking at his picture worse or better than one who claims to be an independent thinker but privately admits one of the secrets to his success is simple troll bait?

Well, submitted for your consideration.

More coming soon. The brown and furry one can't wait to get started.