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An iLuv for all Apple audio devices

iLuv's new iMM9400 Vertical CD/MP3 audio system can support multiple Apple audio products and play back music from CD and flash-based storage devices.


I've always been reluctant to buy accessories for my iPhone 3G. This is because most of them are designed for a specific model of the phone (or the iPod) and would be useless when I move on to another. However, now there's something that will fit almost all Apple's handheld products.

The iMM9400 has support for thumb drive and flash storage cards, too. iLuv

On Wednesday, iPhone and iPod accessories maker iLuv unveiled its newest audio solution, the iMM9400. This product belongs to the company's next generation of Vertical CD/MP3 accessories for the home environment.

The iMM9400 is sleek and modern. What I like the most about it, however, is the fact that it supports a long list of Apple audio products (for both playback and charging), including the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod Nano first-through-fourth generations, iPod Touch, iPod Touch second generation, iPod Classic, iPod fourth generation, iPod with video, and the iPod Mini.

Other than that, it can also play back CD and compressed audio files (MP3 and WMA) and offers built-in support for SD/MMC cards and USB flash memory sticks. You can also listen to FM/AM radio with it.

This is a very versatile accessory, and one that can still be useful even if you don't have any Apple products. There's one catch, though: the hefty price tag of $250.