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An extra-solid dish rack

Dish racks are a must for anyone who isn't keen on putting away dishes while they're still wet. The Steel Frame Dishrack offers a more solid drying option than the plastic dish racks you typically find.

Even those of us with the best dishwashers in the world have at least a few dishes and kitchen tools that we wash by hand. Grandma's china, the big cast iron skillet--there are plenty of things in our kitchens that just aren't dishwasher-friendly. If you do any amount of hand-washing, though, you know the importance of a solid dish rack. Sure, you can get a small plastic dish rack from Wal-Mart, but there are some better options out there.

The Steel Frame Dishrack Simplehuman

Simplehuman's new Steel Frame Dishrack is one of those options. In addition to its much nicer appearance, the Steel Frame Dishrack provides a safer holding area for your dishes and pans. This dish rack even has a natural bamboo knife block that will protect sharp blades--and fingers.

The drip tray, utensil holder, and inner wire frame that make up most of the Steel Frame Dishrack are all dishwasher-safe, guaranteeing that you can keep your dish rack very clean. The outer frame is fingerprint-proof, keeping your kitchen looking clean. Simplehuman also includes a five-year warranty on the product--although I know a few people who have bought older versions of Simplehuman's dish rack offerings that have made it well beyond the warranty expiration date.