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An espresso machine that learns what you love

Gaggia Baby Dose espresso machine's unique dosing system memorizes the strength of your perfect cup of coffee

The Gaggia Baby Dose is available in red or silver. Appliancist

As a means of saving money, I've started to make my own coffee at home as often as possible. I've made enough pots in my French press to know how to get the brew just like the corner store does it, extra thick and black without being too bitter. This works out to the mutual benefit of my roommates, since I usually make a whole pot and don't drink all of it (although I've been known to do it every once in a while).

But sometimes, a girl's just got to get something a little bit more fancy. But buying an espresso machine for my apartment frightens me: if it took me two years to settle into a perfectly French-pressed pot, how can I possibly go back to square one with a gargantuan, steaming, spurting frappe factory?

"Buy your fancy drinks from coffee shops," you say...but when I'm out and about and the craving for an Americano hits, it always seems to be in the neighborhoods that sell them for 4 bucks a pop. Even if the barista behind the counter is smiling, friendly, and always knows how to make my drink just right, that's quite a hefty price to pay for an afternoon pick-me-up.

But now, I can have a fancy drink right at home, without worrying about following a complicated instruction book. The Gaggia Baby Dose espresso machine is one of the new additions to Gaggia's family of espresso-makers. Available in red or silver, it's a beautiful way to get your morning motivation or evening dessert accompaniment.

What makes the Baby Dose really stand out, however, are its memorization skills. According to Gaggia's Web site, the Dose uses an "innovative Dosing System, letting you set the exact amount of coffee in the cup. All you have to do is press the 'Coffee' button and your Baby Dose will memorize the dose you like." As someone whose been scared to take the espresso plunge for several years, this is music to my ears. It can also make two cups at once, so your friends, family or roommates don't have to worry about feeling left out.

You can find more information about the Baby Dose and the rest of Gaggia's line on their Web site.