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An entrepreneurial solution for hard times

A reader writes that trying to get any VC firm to invest in your company is hard, so it's best to take a do-it-yourself approach.


An entrepreneurial solution for hard times

In response to the Nov. 27 column by Robert von Goeben, "The underground entrepreneur:"

I agree with you. Instead of the company I work for,, going after venture-capital money, we are funding the company on our own and finding ways to cut spending on server equipment by buying it on We all have day jobs and go home and program at night. Then we wake up and do it all again--sometimes we program on the job!

Ever since Sept. 11, business is slow, but it gives us more time to add more functionality to the product. Trying to get any VC firm to invest in your company is hard. We figured that we had to prove that our idea worked and generate revenue before we got in front of a VC. Also, this allows us to come to the table with a product that's up and operational instead of just coming to them with an idea.

Matthew Mills
North Plainfield, N.J.