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An electric guitar that can do yoga

Can fold in half


It may not be a gadget by the purist's definition, at least not a high-tech one, but guitars seem to have found a special place in the hearts of Crave readers so we couldn't pass this one up. The "Centerfold" by DeVillain is an electric guitar that can do Cirque du Soleil contortions, folding in half for storage in a sack that can be slung over the shoulder, Coolest-Gadgets says.


That could be particularly handy for easy transportation to whatever street corner or tourist area is getting the most foot traffic on any given day. (There's no traditional case to leave open for tips, so be sure to bring a jar.) There's no USB connection, but if the goal is quick portability--such as staying one step ahead of security guards--then that probably doesn't matter anyway.