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An early look at Gajah's child-friendly tablet

Singapore-based Gajah International is developing an Android tablet that's suitable for kids. CNET Asia got a glimpse at Computex.

Gajah tablet
An Android tablet designed for children. Vincent Chang/CNET Asia

TAIPEI, Taiwan--Singapore-based Gajah International showed up at Computex here to hawk its award-winning tablets and e-book readers to manufacturing partners. Despite touting its latest Computex design awards -- this is the third consecutive year Gajah has snagged wins at the trade show -- we don't know of any major brands that actually source their designs from the company.

While Gajah's latest design wins included a touch-screen e-book reader with a 6-inch e-Ink display and a 9.7-inch Android tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich, we found the company's attempt to develop a kid-friendly tablet more interesting.

This 7-inch tablet for the young, which doesn't appear to have a name at the moment, is based on an existing design (MD7008). The prototype is running Android 4.0 with Gajah's own software on top. From what little was working, the interface features bright colorful wallpaper and large icons. Many of the functions aren't developed yet, though some of the upcoming features include parental controls.

Although the software is obviously far from ready, the tablet hardware seems to have taken shape. The buttons are large and easy to press and the tablet casing is protected by rubber bumpers.

Underneath the hood, the hardware is adequate. There's a single-core processor running at 1GHz with 512MB of RAM and internal storage of up to 32GB.

Given the lack of child-friendly tablets on the market, there could be an opportunity for Gajah if it could write an engaging software interface to go with the hardware.

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(Source: Crave Asia)