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An assist with the twist

The Grip-N-Twist Jar Opener can get a jar lid off with almost no effort.

The Grip-N-Twist Jar Opener Progressive International

Growing up, my grandmother taught me a dozen tricks for getting the lid off of a jar. She'd run it under water, tap it on the counter, and try a whole list of other things in her attempts. But it was hard for her to get a grip on most jars. The Grip-N-Twist Jar Opener's best feature is that it can effectively grab on to a jar with its powerful suction cup, which fits most jar sizes. And while the jar opener holds on to the lid, all you need to do is turn the soft grip handle: the design translates even a small effort at turning the handle into enough force to pop off a lid. Even better, the jar opener does not damage the lid in the process, so if you aren't planning to empty the jar, you can easily replace the lid and preserve the leftovers.

The Grip-N-Twist Jar Opener incorporates a stainless steel friction plate and a plastic seal remover, so you can handle any jar that comes your way. It's entirely dishwasher safe and can lay flat in a drawer with no problem. It's priced at approximately $9.95.