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An armchair chef's guide to grilling

The remote thermometer

The Kitchen Clique

After some of our last few posts, it occurs to us that we may have left the impression that we're anti-social couch potatoes here at Crave. Not so. We enjoy entertaining company as much as anyone--so long as it's under our conditions.

This summer, for example, we'll be the first in our neighborhood to throw a barbecue, and we're even willing to do the cooking. We just don't want to have to expend any energy doing it, which is precisely why we need the "Redi-Chek Remote Thermometer."

This gadget can be programmed to work according to the type of meat on the grill and the desired cooking level, which can be monitored wirelessly and comfortably up to 100 feet away, according to ProductDose. (The fact that our TV is 99 feet from the patio is pure coincidence; it happens to be closest spot to the bar.) We can't wait to try it out with a George Foreman iGrill.