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An Apple for the teacher (and the student, too)

Students and teachers feeling the back-to-school grind can at least console themselves with $199 off a shiny new Mac-and-iPod combo. This limited-time rebate for educators and their pupils is on top of the usual 10 percent off -- not too shabby.

Tasty-looking Apple toys.

School, uni and TAFE are back in session for another long year. Summer days spent lolling on the sand are fading as fast as a budget spray tan. It's all a bit sad, really.

Well cheer up all you academic types, because at least your student status allows you to buy some shiny tech things on the cheap.

Apple, home of the much-abused (according to anecdotal evidence) 10 percent education discount, is offering an additional rebate for students and teachers looking to purchase a new computer and iPod. The deal is valid for orders placed between now and April 16, and puts $199 back in your pocket after you send a barcode or two to the powers that be.

All new MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iMacs with SuperDrive and Mac Pros qualify for the rebate, as do all iPods and iPod Nanos. (Sorry shrapnel-saving students: Shuffles have been shunted.) You will need to buy a Mac and an iPod at the same time, either through the Apple Store for Education online, or via authorised Apple Education resellers.

For more info on the rebate, and a link to the form you'll need to send to get your hands on those two hundred clams, visit Apple's site.