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An Apple exodus due to low salaries?

Doubtful. Apple engineers make less, according to newly available data. But it's hard to imagine that they care.

Apparently, Apple engineers get paid less than their Silicon Valley peers. Some are speculating that Apple will need to cough up more cash or face a rash of defections.

I doubt it.

For one thing, Apple's engineers also get stock. Have you noticed the stock price lately? There's more than one way to get paid.

There's also the Apple mystique. No, it doesn't put granola on the table but it counts for something. As Fabrizio Capobianco, my friend and Funambol's CEO, often tells me, Juventus can get top-notch players for less because many of the best soccer players want to play for Juventus at any price.

Lastly, where are these developers going to go? We have a looming recession on our hands. I doubt the employment market is going to see considerable froth in the near term. A safe job at a successful company probably looks more appealing today than a job with an uber-cool start-up that may not pay the bills a year from now.

In sum, Apple has time to figure this out and may not need to do anything.