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An app with a noble cause: No more baby pics on Facebook

Preggie iOS app seeks to get pregnant women together, so they don't have to use Facebook for their mutual communication.

Just what the doctor ordered. Preggie

Only the other day, I met an eight and a half months pregnant woman on the golf course.

She was completely delightful and very happy about the oncoming arrival. She explained that it was much easier for her to walk on the grass than on concrete.

She told me she couldn't wait for it all to be over. She also told me quite a few details that made me push a six-iron into a ravine.

Please, she was a nurse. This wasn't merely shop talk. This was double shop talk. It would have delighted so very many.

However, I'm not sure I would have wanted to hear daily or even hourly updates on her progress, just as I'm equally sure other people would have adored it.

It's a problem for those who ride on the Muni called Facebook that they have to encounter information that they'd rather do without. Much of it is visual. Some of it is painful -- emotionally or otherwise.

Equally, those who only seek that information have to wade through nonsense about golf, drinking, and base political stances.

So along comes the Preggie iOS app. It's an innocent little thing. It doesn't want to do anyone any harm. And it's so tiny it fits in your purse.

Its aim is to simply bring pregnant moms together to commune about the things they care about. Preggie's creators put one of the biggest benefits to all in highly delicate terms: "Feel at ease with others having similar interests and experiences as you."

Some might translate this as: "Don't go on Facebook where everyone gets on your nerves with their supposedly exciting life and, you, let's face it, don't fascinate them too much right now either."

Those who bore Preggie for no doubt many months insist that this is "the first global mobile social network for pregnant women, which allows users to connect immediately with other expectant mothers in their area to share stories, advice, and support."

Who am I to argue? The Preggie team is determined to launch a separate app for new moms. I cannot confirm it will be called the GodImSoTired app. But I can confirm it might reduce the number of baby pics on Facebook.

We're surely reaching the stage where mini-networks will dominate. There, we can discuss mini-subjects with maximum intensity.

Our phones are currently filled with chat apps, weather apps, news apps, and those where we swipe pictures to the left or right in an assertive manner. Shortly, we will have pregnant friends apps, golf friends apps, travel friends apps, app-friends apps, and every sort of human interest app possible.

It's a delight for me to watch my engineer friend George interacting with his new, deep love via something called the Couple app. This promises to be "the app for two." It also promises to "make your memories last forever."

That's a heady, hearty promise.

Still, as apps become more particular, more personal, and more exactly what we need with whom we need them, the result might be deeply refreshing for the whole world.

Just as in our real lives, we will live in little micro areas of delight.

As for Facebook, it will remain as the home of the one thing for which it is, perhaps, most suited: ads for apps.