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An Android tablet for less than £200? Maybe Next time

Next time you're out buying yourself a nice jumper, why not snap up a 10-inch Android for less than £200?

Forget the iPad, forget the Samsung Galaxy Tab and forget the BlackBerry PlayBook. There's only one name that matters in the tablet game, a name that's synonymous with quality electronics: feast your eyes on the new £180 Android tablet from Next.

Did we say 'synonymous with quality electronics'? We meant 'trousers'. Yes, we're talking about that Next: the high-street clothing retailer is selling the 10-inch, Wi-Fi-enabled tablet as part of its gift range for discerning gentlemen. Ladies, if your boyfriend, husband, father or boss has been dropping great, big, clanging hints about getting an iPad for Christmas, this costs a fraction of the price and is definitely basically the same. Trust us, we're experts.

The NextPad was spotted by consumer champions Bitterwallet. The NextTab boasts a WXGA LCD touchscreen, 802.11n Wi-Fi, an Arm 11 processor and 8GB of memory, along with a memory-card reader and two USB ports. Readers who have snapped up the NextBook have confirmed it's a rebadged Elonex eTouch, running Android 2.1.

The Next tablet costs just £180. Worth a punt Next time you're out buying a nice jumper?