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An alternative to plastic containers

If you've been looking for a food storage option beyond plastic, stainless steel food storage containers could fit the bill.

Stainless Steel Storage Containers Life Without Plastic

While plastic storage may seem ubiquitous for food, there are plenty of people who aren't so fond of their Tupperware and other plastic containers. There are more than a few reasons for such displeasure: the environmental factor, the fact that plastic can stain, and the health concerns that make some people look for an alternative. And when you consider that it's worthwhile to try to save a little money in the kitchen, the fact that most households go through plastic containers as if they were paper makes it more important to look at options.

Life Without Plastic has provided an easy alternative to plastic containers: stainless steel containers in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They even have lunch boxes. In most cases, the stainless steel food storage containers are equivalent to plastic; they can even go through the dishwasher. The microwave may not be such a great idea, but they do heat up nicely in a toaster oven or on the stove top. A stainless steel container is more expensive than its plastic counterpart, but the added expense pays off. Such a container can last much longer than a plastic version: it won't warp in the dishwasher or crack in a kid's backpack.