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An all-in-one media hub that will turn heads

Multi-functional doesn't have to mean boring.


As impressive as the "ITC One" media system may be, some have observed that its design doesn't live up to its extensive functions. It's understandable that appearance wasn't a priority, though, given that it's one of the few compact all-in-one systems of its kind.

All that will change, however, if they catch on--and a company called DVico is trying to get ahead of the pack with a multimedia hub of its own. "TViX," as it's known, is an HD multimedia system that plays 1080p video, DVDs, and MPs while storing files on its internal hard drive, according to GadgetGrid.

It doesn't have a built-in Xbox and other high-end features found in the ITC One, but TViX does have a handsome cylindrical design that could easily be displayed without shame. And there's one other important difference between the two systems--price. As in $546 vs. $25,000. That alone may make it worth a look.