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An airport scanner for the home

You too can play TSA agent.


One simply can't be too careful in this security-conscious age. You could, for example, have installed security cams, metal detectors and even a moat around your dwelling, but there's always the chance that you missed something. And for some reason, the idea of hiring security personnel to conduct body-cavity searches hasn't quite caught on for private residences.

Once again, we turn to technology for a reasonable compromise: Your very own X-ray scanner. Now you too can play TSA agent in the comfort of your own home while viewing this system's 17-inch LCD to inspect the contents of every bag, parcel or piece of luggage to cross your threshold, according to Spycatcher. For those particularly suspicious items, the machine allows for "multi-zoomed" and enhanced images to be inspected at a distance by remote control.

Sure, the $43,000 price tag might sound a little steep, but it's a bargain considering how much an underground bunker goes for these days. Or you could always get some new friends.