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An 8GB Zune and Car Pack for $79.99 shipped

You can get it in any color you like, as long as it's black. Same goes for the car kit, which delivers on-the-go charging and an auto-tuning FM transmitter. Killer deal.

Remember the 4GB Zune deal from a couple weeks back? It's still available, but now there's an even better one: Newegg has the refurbished 8GB Zune player for $79.99 shipped with a free Microsoft Zune Car Pack.

So let's do some math. A new 8GB Zune player sells for $139.99. The Car Pack costs $69.99. Carry the one...that comes to around $210. Your out-the-door price: $80. Nice!

A quick refresher course in Zune goodness: this flash-based player offers a 1.8-inch screen, an FM tuner, Wi-Fi file sharing and syncing, and compatibility with Microsoft's excellent Zune Marketplace music-subscription service. (See the aforementioned 4GB Zune deal if you want to know more.)

Normally $69.99, the Zune Car Pack comes free with your purchase of a $79.99 Zune. Microsoft

The Car Pack includes a charger and an FM transmitter, which can broadcast music from your Zune through your car stereo. The transmitter will automatically select the best available frequency, which eliminates a lot of the hassles of traditional FM-radio gizmos. It also offers two presets for easy switching between commonly used stations.

There's even a dashboard "grip pad" so you can lay your Zune on the dash and not worry about it sliding all over the place. (A windshield mount would be better, but beggars can't be choosers.)

Bottom line: killer deal. For only $10 more than the 4GB Zune, you get double the storage and a $70 accessory kit. Say, aren't Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Graduation Day just around the corner? I'm just saying.