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Tech Industry

Amquest debuts speedy modem

Amquest Corporation has launced HyperModem, an internal V.34 device that uses compression to boost data exchange rates to twice that of 28.8-kbps modems.

Amquest Corporation is now shipping HyperModem, a $199 internal V.34 modem aimed at telecommuters and online users that delivers data at up to twice the speed of a conventional 28.8-kbps modem.

Officials at the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, company said HyperModem is fully compatible with V.34 and V.42 communication standards.

To install the modem, users select the 115-kbps option within their communications software package. The higher 230-kbps speed is automatically enabled, officials said. No custom drivers are required.

The HyperModem is available this month through the company's network of authorized distributors, value-added resellers and retailers.

For additional information, call Amquest at 717/569-8030.