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Amp'd on the Motorola Q; not just for suits anymore

Amp'd Mobile releases its own version of the Motorola Q.

Motorola Q
Motorola Q, Amp'd style Amp'd Mobile

Make no mistake, this ain't your dad's Motorola Q. Today, Amp'd Mobile introduced its own, semirevamped version of the sleek Moto Q for all its young, future corporate-climbing subscribers. The Moto Q, Amp'd Edition keeps many of the features found on the Sprint and Verizon models, but it also has an enhanced Flash interface to give it a more hip, less business-y feel, and you get access to Amp'd's entertainment content. The smart phone also sports the newer black casing, supports Bluetooth stereo headsets, and comes with a 256MB mini SD card in the box. The Moto Q, Amp'd Edition is available now for $199.