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Amp'd goes live, and check out those ads

Amp'd goes live, and check out those ads

On the heels of its formal launch last week, new MVNO carrier Amp'd Mobile has added a second cell phone to its lineup. The Motorola Hollywood, a revamped version of the Motorola E815, comes in slick black and incorporates the carrier's youth-oriented 3G multimedia features. Other features on the fully loaded handset include an Amp'd-branded menu interface, Bluetooth, a 1.3-megapixel camera, messaging, a music player, and a speakerphone. The Hollywood joins the first Amp'd phone from Kyocera--a slider model available in both black (the Jet) and white (the Angel)--in providing a comprehensive range of EV-DO content and music downloads via Verizon's network. Amp'd is aiming for the under-30 set, so content partners include MTV, Fox Sports, and Comedy Central. Service plans vary, but they follow a traditional contract model, with some services costing extra, depending on your monthly minute usage. For more information, browse the way-too-flashy Amp'd Web site. We'll have a full review of the Jet in the next couple of weeks.

The hipper-than-thou carrier has also embarked on an online advertising blitz that won't fly in your local Sunday school class. One has an image of a man taking a photo of himself with his pants down, another has two women kissing, and another has a Mariah Carey look-alike dressed in a revealing outfit certain to make Mr. Blackwell's list. All three ads have buttons marked Approve or Disapprove--if clicked, they take you to the Amp'd site. I can just imagine the meeting where the ad agency execs presented that campaign.