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Amp up your HTC One's sound with an $8,000 phone trumpet

Embrace the analog with a 3D-printed set of phone trumpets to make your HTC One really stand out from the crowd.

Gramophone II trumpets for HTC One
It may not be the most portable amplification solution. Wolter Designs

Apple products don't get to have all the fun when it comes to weird, excessively expensive smartphone accessories. The HTC One has now been honored with an $8,000 phone trumpet for battery-free sound amplification. The Gramohorn II looks like a cross between a ram's horn and an ear trumpet, with an HTC One mounted in the middle.

The high-end Gramohorn II from Wolter Designs is made from stainless steel powder and infused bronze. It's built to dock an HTC One and increase the sound from the phone's speakers using an old principal for amplification.

Designer Justin Wolter isn't just trying to create a luxury item, he's trying to bridge the gap between art and design while introducing a sense of individuality to a product created by a 3D printer.

If $8,000 for a limited-edition stainless steel Gramophone is too much for your pocketbook, you can always go with the budget option of a plaster-based version for $1,600. That gives you a choice of 22 different colors and 5 metallic finishes done by hand. Bear in mind the plaster is fragile, so you'll need to handle it with extreme care lest your investment break apart.

Once you're considering spending $1,600 on trumpets for your HTC One, it's not about practicality anymore. You either have money to burn, a huge desire to impress your friends, or a deep appreciation for industrial design as art (and a little money to burn).

(Via Luxury Launches)