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Most Americans want Trump to dump Twitter

A majority of Americans find the president's tweets to be inappropriate, insulting and dangerous.

President Donald Trump Returns to the White House

President Donald Trump has been a prolific tweeter over the years. 

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Stay away from Twitter, President Donald Trump. At least, that's what the majority of Americans would like you to do. 

A poll by ABC News and the Washington Post found that 67 percent of Americans disapprove of Trump's use of Twitter. Sixty-eight percent believe his tweets -- which do everything from attack rivals to tout his successes -- are inappropriate; 65 percent view them as insulting; and 52 percent believe they're dangerous. 

What the majority of Americans don't believe is that Trump's tweets are interesting (only 41 percent say they are), effective (36 percent say they are) or refreshing (21 percent say they are). 

"Americans are highly disapproving of Donald Trump in personal terms, with his tweeting habit a major irritant," said the poll conducted by Langer Research Associates on behalf of ABC and the Washington Post.


An ABC News-Washington Post poll shows most Americans disapprove of President Donald J. Trump's use of Twitter. 

ABC News

Trump has been a prolific tweeter over the years, with his latest tally of tweets under his personal account -- @realDonaldTrump -- totaling over 35,000. His comments sometimes have been viewed as controversial, such as those about his firing of FBI Director James Comey (and even threatening Comey). 

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has said Trump's tweets are "really important" for accountability's sake and that it's better to have them out in the open instead of "in the dark." Twitter executives have said the platform's recent spike to 328 million users overall is due to its increasing political presence, and they've specifically mentioned a Trump bump.

Twitter and the White House didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.