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American adults are spending more time on Facebook

The increase is small, though, and getting smaller every year.

© Jochen Eckel/dpa/Corbis

Based on social media usage forecasting, American adults will continue to use Facebook more, but not as much more as other social media sites. According to eMarketer, those who access Facebook on a computer and mobile device at least once a month, will be spending on average 23 minutes per day on Facebook.

To give some perspective, users in 2013 accessed Facebook for around 18 minutes a day, and in 2015 users accessed it 21 minutes per day. This improvement might seem small, but in terms of large trends, it's a pretty impressive number. eMarketer predicts that it will plateau around 23 minutes per day starting in 2017. Other social media usage, however, should continue to rise.

Facebook representatives were unavailable for immediate comment.