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America at Home: Don't worry, office readers. You're in America, too.

Rick Smolan announced America at Home, a new online photo project that does pretty much the same thing as his previous projects.

Rick Smolan andAgainst All Odds Productions has an ambitious new photojournalism project that will try to combine the excitement of Flickr with the fun of a coffee table book. Funded by Google, HP, and IKEA, the group is launching MyAmericaAtHome, a Web site for amateur digital photographers to upload pictures of "what 'Home' means to them."

If the words "amateur" and "photos" leave you wondering just how many obscene images the group will have to sort through, then have no fear; Smolan also recruited 100 professional photojournalists to bring their own home-themed photos to the mix. After a week of getting photos, from Sept. 17 through 23, the group will compile these pictures into a 224-page coffee table book that will hit stores in March.

I'm a bit skeptical of just how many "amateur" photos will end up in this book, considering the 100 professional photojournalists submitting their work for a 224-page book. Of course, the entire "coffee table book aspect" leaves me a bit cold, too. Hopefully this entire America at Home project will involve the release of these myriad photos onto the Web instead of simply letting them collect dust in an oversized book like the group's previous projects, 24 Hours in Cyberspace, One Digital Day, and A Day in the Life of America: America 24/7. They are all 224-page coffee table books printed between 1995 and 1997, and they all share pretty much the same themes as this project.

Still, Smolan should be lauded for his creativity. Amateurs posting their photos online is such a novel idea.