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AMD to intro second-gen DX11 GPUs next week

Chipmaker plans to unveil a new line of DirectX 11 graphics cards next week and expects to ship "hundreds of thousands" of them during the quarter.

Advanced Micro Devices plans to unveil a new line of DirectX 11 graphics cards next week, CEO Dirk Meyer said in the chipmaker's earnings call yesterday.

According to Meyer, AMD will host "launch activities next week" for a second-generation of Direct X11 cards. He added that AMD plans to release "all the family members of that product line I'll call it, by the end of this quarter."

AMD expects to ship "several hundred thousand or hundreds of thousands of units" of the new graphics card during the quarter.

Microsoft's DirectX 11 technology offers enhanced graphical performance, especially for video games, thanks to its multi-threading support and tessellation, which helps create more detailed images.

AMD's first generation of DirectX 11 graphics cards--the Radeon HD 5000 series--performed quite well for the company. During the call, Meyer said that AMD has shipped more than 25 million DirectX 11 graphics processing units since launch last year.

Earlier this week, chipmaker Nvidia announced the GeForce GT 430. It joins the GeForce GTS 450 and GeForce GTX 480, among others, in the company's line of DirectX 11 graphic cards.

(Via Seeking Alpha)