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AMD talks new Opteron, plus quad-core CPUs

AMD talks new Opteron, plus quad-core CPUs

Love in the tech world is a pretty fickle thing. It seems like only yesterday we were all over AMD's X2 dual-core CPUs, going on about how nothing in the Intel camp could touch them in either price or performance. Then, Intel goes and releases its superpowered Core 2 Duo chips, and all of a sudden, no one is returning AMD's calls.

Trying to get back in the tech community's good graces, AMD today announced its next-generation AMD Opteron processors, which include DDR2 memory support. These are mostly for servers, so not terribly exciting to general consumers. What was interesting, however, were some hints the company dropped about its future quad-core processors (and you thought dual-core was over the top).

From AMD's press release:

AMD also announced the completion of the design, or tape-out, of its native Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors...AMD plans to deliver to customers in mid-2007 native Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors that incorporate four processor cores on a single die of silicon.