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AMD Rev F Opteron model numbers get 10x boost

When Advanced Micro Devices releases its next-generation "Rev F" Opteron processors, expected Aug. 15, it will debut a new model numbering scheme.

Currently, there are three classes of Opterons: the 100 series for single-processor computers, the 200 series for dual-processor models, and the 800 series for machines with four or more. But new model numbers will be larger by an order of magnitude, according to Scott Tease, worldwide product manager for IBM's BladeCenter servers, who spoke after IBM announced a full family of Opteron servers on Tuesday.

That means that when the Rev F models arrive, the 200 series will be replaced by models in the 2000 series and the 800 series will be replaced by the 8000 series. Tease didn't mention any names of lesser Opteron models, not a surprise since the 100 series are rarities in servers that more often use at least two processors.