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AMD reorganizes sales, loses middleman

AMD is giving more power to regional sales chiefs and waving goodbye to Rick Hegberg, the departing senior vice president of worldwide sales.

Advanced Micro Devices has reorganized its sales and marketing division so regional executives report directly to the chief executive's office and has lost a senior executive in the process.

Previously, regional sales leaders generally reported to Rick Hegberg, senior vice president of worldwide sales. Now Hegberg is departing the company, AMD spokeswoman Cathy Abbinanti said Wednesday, just weeks after sales chief Henri Richard left AMD. (Richard reappeared Wednesday at Freescale Semicondcutor.)

AMD and Hegberg had arrived at a "mutual agreement that he leave to look for other opportunities," she said.

"This is a shift to put increased responsibility and authority more within the regions. We're trying to create a flatter organization for AMD around the world," she said. "The ultimate goal is to be closer to our customers and drive efficiency for business operations."

AMD already had moved to the regional sales model with the greater China area and its sales chief, Karen Guo. Other regional sales executives who report directly to the office of CEO Hector Ruiz are Gustavo Arenas, head of sales for the Americas, and Alberto Macchi, head of sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Ruiz and Chief Operating Officer Dirk Meyer, assisted by Vice President Ian Williams, will lead regional sales for the Asia-Pacific region, but the company is looking internally and externally for an executive for that role, Abbinanti said.