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AMD joins MeeGo alliance

Chipmaker will kick in its engineering know-how to help drive the growth of mobile and embedded devices running the Linux Foundation's open-source MeeGo platform.

Chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices has joined the MeeGo open-source Linux project where it will contribute its expertise to drive the adoption of MeeGo in tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

Unveiled earlier this year, MeeGo is an open-source operating system created through a merger of Intel's Moblin OS and Nokia's Maemo software. The MeeGo OS is designed to run on mobile gadgets, including Netbooks, tablets and phones, and on embedded devices, such as connected TVs and in-car systems.

The MeeGo project is run by the Linux Foundation, a nonprofit group whose goal is to push the growth and adoption of Linux. AMD was already a "gold"-level member of the Linux Foundation and on its board of directors.

AMD announced its new role in the project today at this week's MeeGo conference in Ireland, where both Nokia and the Linux Foundation are trying to drum up interest in MeeGo among developers.

"MeeGo represents an exciting, open-source mobile operating system we expect to be adopted by mobile and embedded device makers over time," Ben Bar-Haim, corporate vice president of software development for AMD, said in a statement. "We are glad to provide engineering resources to joint industry efforts like MeeGo and expect that this operating system will help drive our embedded plans and create expanded market opportunities for our forthcoming Accelerated Processing Units."