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AMC lets you 'Mad Men' yourself

We take AMC's online marketing app for a spin, and create our own "Mad Men" characters using its body part builder.

In preparation for the third season of its hit series "Mad Men," cable network AMC has put out a new marketing tool called "Mad Men Yourself." It lets fans of the show create themselves (or their friends) as early-1960s cartoon characters using a variety of costumes, props, and body parts that are loosely tied to the world within the show.

Set to rhythmic lounge lizard music, you can assemble your virtual self piece by piece. When done, you can then download and export your creation in sizes ready for Twitter, Facebook, and as desktop wallpapers.

It's not nearly as fun as the one Fox did for "The Simpsons Movie" back in mid-2007 (nor is there a 7-11 tie-in), but there are a wealth of options to make yourself look as similar, or "out there" as you wish.

The closest I could get was looking like Kevin Spacey with a mean five o'clock shadow. See if you can do better.

Put your virtual 1960s self together in style. Or just ditch the suit and grab a donut and an eye patch. CNET