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AMC launches official 'Walking Dead' game for iOS

Build a camp, find survivors and, of course, kill zombies in this excellent tactical turn-based combat RPG.

Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

Most fans of "The Walking Dead" would probably agree that Norman Reedus (better known as Daryl Dixon) doesn't get nearly enough screen time. So it's awesome to see him take the lead role in a new game: The Walking Dead: No Man's Land (iOS).

From AMC and Next Games, this is the "official mobile game" of the hit TV series. Unlike the story-driven action in Telltale's episodic Walking Dead (which, incidentally, was just pulled from the App Store owing to iOS 9 compatibility issues), but similar to the recent The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, No Man's Land is a tactical role-playing game -- and a pretty fun one at that.

The game kicks off in a very familiar-looking rail car, and before you know it your little band of three survivors has clawed its way out onto the grounds of Terminus. A few instructional swipes later, you've hacked your way past some walkers and -- well, back into the frying pan. Luckily, a certain someone comes to your rescue, and it's no spoiler to reveal who.

Listen to the man's advice. Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

We're not clued into why Daryl has taken time off from helping Rick and the others, but who cares? He's here to help you and your group build a base, find more survivors, upgrade your skills and weapons and carry out successful missions (including, for starters, a return to Terminus -- watchoo talkin' bout, Daryl?!).

If you've ever played a turn-based base-building game before, there's not much new here except the setting. It's all "Walking Dead," all grit and blood and death. Alas, although you're greeted by the show's theme song, Reedus doesn't provide any voice work for the game.

Because this is a freemium title, you'll need to balance your use of resources: gas, supplies, experience points and gold. This last is where you can pony up real cash if you don't want to wait for, say, a player to heal or time-consuming upgrade to complete.

Terminus?! Oh, no, not again... Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

One thing to note: No Man's Land requires a live Internet connection, which means you can't play when you're offline (like on a flight).

Beyond that, this is a thoroughly entertaining game, one all "Walking Dead" fans who enjoy base-building as much as zombie-whomping should definitely check out.