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Amazon's third free Kindle game: Mine Sweeper

Previously an Easter egg that was built into Kindle e-readers, a more flushed version of Mine Sweeper has now appeared in the Kindle Store.

Mine Sweeper hits the Kindle Store. Amazon

In case you're hankering to play another game on your Kindle, Amazon has released a third free title, Mine Sweeper. Previously, Amazon had a Minesweeper game built into its e-readers as an Easter egg, but this version is more flushed out.

Helen, who posted a user review, says, "This is SOOO much better than Kindle's built-in Mine Sweeper game (which you can access by pressing ALT+Shift+M)! The graphics are really good on an e-ink screen. Unlike the Kindle's built-in Mine Sweeper, this version keeps track of your high-scores as well as your play-time. You can choose between easy, normal, and hard mode."

Amazon offers Shuffled Row and Every Word as free games and Scrabble as a $4.99 download.