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Amazon's Ring app lets you report package-stealing neighbors

And maybe puppy-thieving delivery drivers?

The neighbors app lets you define your territory.


Last February Amazon bought Ring, makers of a video doorbell. The first announcement since the acquisition is an app dubbed "Neighbors" that allow you to send and receive alerts with caught-on-doorbell-video footage about crimes and misdemeanors in your neighborhood.

The app, launched Tuesday on iOS and Android, lets you define your geographical area of interest, and to use it you have to agree to guidelines that include "treat neighbors with respect" and "no politics." You can also choose what types of alerts to receive from Crime, Suspicious, Safety and Stranger. (It'll be interesting to see what data the app collects, though, since the narrowness of the geographical areas must make anonymizing it much more difficult than usual.)

Maybe it will help identify more puppy-stealing delivery drivers so Jeff Bezos doesn't have to get involved anymore.